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Payment Security



www.italianluxuryfashion.eu accepts for payment VISA or MASTER CARD issued by any bank.  

www.italianluxuryfashion.eu does not have access to the card information of the Client. All payments are processed by the authorized bank. The authorized bank supports modern security standards such as Master Card Secure Code and Verified by Visa.    

The payment is made in UAH. In case Client’s card currency is different, payment will be carried out in UAH with automatic conversion. 

After payment confirmation the order is transferred to the authorized shipping company.    


The bill is sent to the Client’s email after on-line order completion. The Client transfers money to the indicated bank payment details and within 72 hours sends back scanned documental confirmation of such transaction with the bank’s stamp.  Fees and commissions depend on the chosen bank and transfer system. 


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